25 Minute Curbside Pickup

Don't have much to toss? Try our Curbside pick up Service. Will drive up, drop a dumpster at your curb for 25 minutes, you load, and when your time is done, we load the dumpster  back on to our trailer and drive away. Quick, fast, and super easy!

Property CleanUp Service / Bobcat Tractor worker

Do you own a vacant lot, property, or maybe a office building, rental house. Mini Dumpster has the equipment and manpower to make your property looking the way its suppose too. Bobcat tractor services also available to help you with those bigger and heavier projects and loads. Give a us a call for a quote today!    

Try our very popular, 25 Minute Curbside Pick up 
Property CleanUp Service / Bobcat Tractor work

Mini Dumpsters

We specialize in residential friendly Mini Dumpsters, designed specifically to fit in smaller locations. Mini Dumpsters are a perfect solution for homeowners and contractors that have limited space. Our Mini Dumpsters won't damage your driveway like larger containers can. Mini Dumpsters offer a flat rate with no hidden cost.  CALL NOW 559-696-6626

7 Cubic Yard Dumpster
12' Long X 7.5' Wide X 2' High

This is the little guy. It's the smallest Roll Off Dumpsters we deliver. Best used for small projects such as spring cleaning, bathroom renovations, or knocking down a wall in the house to create a bigger room. Removing dirt,  concrete, or sod. The small projects are endless for the 7 Cubic Yard Dumpster!

14 Cubic Yard Dumpster
12' Long X 7.5' Wide X 4' High

Our 14 Cubic Yard Dumpster is the most common dumpster out of our fleet of Dumpsters. Perfect size dumpster for a kitchen demo, removing carpet from the whole house, fence removal, 2 bathroom remodel. Other uses, great for moving in or moving out.     

16 Cubic Yard Dumpster
13' Long X 8' Wide X 5' Tall

The biggest in the group. The 16 Cubic Yard Dumpster can be use for the larger projects. Large kitchen remodel, multiple home improvement projects, two car garage clean out.

Dirt, Concrete, Sod Dumpster rental

Order now!!!!! 

Single(s) item pick up Starting off at $55.00

Do you have a few items you need hauled away? Mini dumpsters can handle that in a jippy! Couches, beds, mattresses, a spa, give us a call! Request a quote or text us photos of the item(s) you need removed, One of our staff members will promptly reply back a quote. 

Text photos for a quote today


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7 Cubic Yard, Dirt, Concrete, or Sod Dumpster

Dirt, Concrete, Sod, or Asphalt, this type of material is charged differently, do to weight. When renting a dumpster for these items. The materiel can not be mixed. For example, concrete only, dirt and sod only, asphalt only. No trash can be mixed in any of theses loads.